Public Speaking info

If you are looking for a unique public speaker for your event, look no further. I have a surprising breadth of life experience for someone my age. I've lived across the United States, and abroad for a year, which has led to my tri-lingual abilities. I'm an orthodox Jew, and I've had to overcome personal struggles from homelessness to being a young divorcee. All while being blind or and DeafBlind, depending on what year things happened. My educational experience allows me to speak in depth on science k-12 education through college education, as well as the importance of inclusive tech designs.

Some topics...

  • STEM K-12 Education
  • Inclusive Technology Design-- it's importance moving forward into the future
  • Creating an Inclusive Atmosphere in the Workplace
  • STEM Employment for People with Disabilities-- The Untapped workforce
  • Motivational Speaking
  • DeafBlind and Blind Awareness
  • Being an Orthodox Jewish DeafBlind Woman
  • Making Your Synagogue Inclusive and Accessible

I'm also always happy to come into a school and talk to blind students about transitioning to adulthood and college.